Berlin - On Saturday, thousands of people took the streets on International Workers' Day. More than 20 demonstrations were registered, including one by Querdenker corona skeptics. The Berlin club scene held its own rally. An anti-property speculation bike protest rolled through Grunewald. The large "Revolutionary May Day Demo" in Neukölln and Kreuzberg attracted thousands of protesters and began at Hermannplatz in the early evening. Some 5,600 officers were deployed citywide. Some impressions from the day.

Photo: AFP
Police clear a street after clashes broke out at the "Revolutionary May Day demo" in Kreuzberg.
Photo: Dominik Bardow
A bike and a scooter were set on fire in Neukölln.
Photo: Sabine Gudath
The plight of sex workers was a theme at the Neukölln "revolutionary" demo.
Photo: Maria Sellamawit Häußler
Leftwing demonstrators also took to the streets in Neukölln for more humane migration policies.
Photo: Maria Sellamawit Häußler
"Capitalism + patriarchy + crisis = extremism" 
Photo: dpa/Kay Nietfeld
Thousands gather at Hermannplatz in the early evening.
Photo: Sabine Gudath
Tom of the Marxist organisation and newspaper Der Funke.

Photo: Sabine Gudath 
"We just wanted to take a look," say Daniil and Olivia, both 22.
Photo: Volkmar Otto

The property expropriation cycle demo in Grunewald. 
Photo: Dominik Bardow/Sabine Gudath
A man at a "Querdenker" corona skeptic demonstration in Lichtenberg.
Photo: Maria Sellamawit Häußler
The Berlin club scene staged its own May Day demo.
Photo: Maria Sellamawit Häußler
A banner at the club demo demands more support for artists.
Photo: Dominik Bardow
A corona skeptic demo gets going in Lichtenberg.
Photo: Sabine Gudath
Anti-Querdenker protest: "Free quick tests - look out for yourselves".

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