#6: Ragout fin

To mark 30 years of German reunification, we're taking you on a linguistic journey through 30 key German words and phrases that charted Germany's Cold War division, reunification and what happened next. Today: Ragout fin.


Berlin-Go to any expat or immigrant forum, and many of the posts will be questions wondering where to get food or specific dishes from home. East Germany too had its own cuisine, and a dish my East German friends often giggle over is Ragout Fin, which they always seem to pronounce Rah-goo Fahng.

It's also known as Wurzfleisch, which literally means spiced meat, and is ideally a collection of light lamb and chicken meat with some organ meat swimming in a seasoned white sauce and served in a cheese-topped puff pastry. 

Sounds more complicated than it tastes.

The dish is best served with worcestershire sauce or, if that's not available, ketchup. 

Despite the French name, Ragout fin is reportedly unknown in France. Legend has it that it was developed in Berlin by Hugenot soldiers stationed in the Prussian capital (though we may just be promoting an urban legend). 

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