A guide to getting your Thanksgiving on in Berlin

It's the one holiday with few affiliations other than family and sibling strife, which is what makes it so great. Here's where we shop.

Looks a little dry, tbh.
Looks a little dry, tbh.imago images

Berlin -Let's call it a silver lining: Corona has made it all-but-impossible to head home for Thanksgiving on 26 November. And just as impossible for siblings, aunts, uncles and, yes, parents to visit you. No more drudging up old dirt while you pass the gravy and you don't have to make this Thanksgiving all about you during dinner because it automatically is. And, since you can't legally invite that many people (Frau Schmidtke on the third floor is always happy to call the Ordnungsamt), you also can't make the mistake of inviting one couple too many. 

All the more wine and stuffing for you. 

If you're planning on getting a turkey from a local butcher, three told us you'll need to order in-person by the end of the week (20 November) but experience says some order a few extra just in case. If you don't order, just call ahead.

Where to get a turkey (we prefer organic)
  • Charlottenburg - Rogacki, Wilmersdorfer Str. 145-146, 030 343 8250  
  • Prenzlauer Berg - Erchinger Fleisch und Wurstmanufaktur, Greifswalder Straße 205, 030 442 61 83.
  • Lichterfelde - Fleischerei Bachhuber, Baseler Straße 3, 030 93 93 14 23
  • Schöneberg - Wild & Geflügel Albrecht, Akazienstraße 4, 030 782 1381
  • Wilmersdorf - Fleischerei Bachhuber, Güntzelstraße 47, 030 873 21 15
  • Steglitz - Fleischerei Bachhuber, Steglitzer Damm 35, 030 32 50 59 78
  • Meat counters at organic stores (BioCompany, LPG, Denns) either have or can order a turkey.
Where to get the fixins
  • KaDeWe - The American food section at everyone's favourite over-priced department store is a reliable source of canned cranberries and pumpkin guts as well as frozen turkeys. Wittenbergplatz in Schöneberg, if you don't already know.
  • American Lifestyle Shop - Attilastr. 177, Steglitz, 030 7600 7610, in-store they only accept cash but they also take Paypal for online orders:  www.us-shop-berlin.de

Having laboured over many a Thanksgiving meal ourselves in our adult life, we're certainly not judging if you want to forego dishpan hands and inevitable grease burns and instead order out this Thanksgiving-in-Germany. Of course, the city's American food scene is happy to oblige:

Thanksgiving delivered
  • Humble Pie & Fräulein Kimchi - Two, differently priced options with all the trimmings for delivery either on Wednesday or Friday, or for pickup in Weissensee. Vegetarian option as well. SOLD OUT, SORRY.
  • Fortuna's Table & Stella - Starting 19 November (and with two days' advanced notice), you can get three different versions of Thanksgiving (as well as a vegetarian option) either delivered to your door or for pickup on Weserstraße in Neukölln. Get gobbling here! 
  • Rosa Caleta - These Jamaican European fusion specialists are also doing Thanksgiving this year! Two packages to choose from and come recommended from Humble Pie & Fräulein Kimchi! Deets here.

And, for anyone wondering about what Thanksgiving really is: