A demonstrator at a "corona sceptic" protest wearing a Star of David in the style of those that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany. 
Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa

Berlin - Researchers say there has been a wave of antisemitic acts in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic - both online and on the streets of Berlin. New findings from the Centre for Research and Information on Antisemitism Berlin (Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus Berlin, RIAS Berlin) detail what that means in terms of the threat to Jewish people and those viewed as Jewish in Berlin: since March, the centre has recorded 75 acts of antisemitism in the capital relating specifically to the pandemic. Its figures have been shared exclusively with the Berliner Zeitung.

Researchers listed 34 acts of "harmful behaviour." Among them are incidents like one that occurred on 22 April in Neukölln, when a person carrying a bag featuring the Star of David was pointed at by a stranger who said: "They’re the ones behind the virus." Or on 31 May, when a Jewish man and his wife who were taking a walk in Wedding were subjected to shouts of "Aren’t you Jews ashamed of what you’ve done?" Again, the culprits were not people the couple knew.

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