AstraZeneca could return to Berlin Friday

Media reports that centres would first resume use of the vaccine Monday are incorrect.

Vaccination u-turn.
Vaccination u-turn.dpa

Berlin-Astrazeneca's vaccine could be back in use in Berlin by the end of this week if the European Medicines Agency (EMA) gives its OK.

"We are ready to vaccinate from Friday," a spokesperson for the city-state's health department told the Berliner Zeitung on Wednesday morning. The statement follows reports of a potential resumption on Monday.

The Amsterdam-based EMA will meet on Friday to review the UK-Swedish vaccine as well as other vaccines in use in Europe and will then give a recommendation. Officials from Germany's 16 states have scheduled their own vaccination summit for Friday and it's assumed the summit will endorse whatever the EMA decides.

Germany, as well as a number of other European countries, halted use of the AstraZeneca vaccine because of an increase in cases of cerebral venous thrombosis. Scientists are exploring a link to the drug. 


Regional public broadcaster RBB Wednesday quoted a man named Peter Velling who it said was medical director of Berlin's vaccination centres. But the Berlin administration as well as the German Red Cross (DRK) have never heard of Velling.

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"He's definitely not the medical director of the vaccination centres, that's wrong," DRK spokesperson Regina Kneiding said. 

Bertram Wiedenmann is the medical director.