Beelitzer asparagus harvest progressing well

About 20,000kg of the stuff are being pulled from Brandenburg fields every day.

OK but how are the hollandaise farmers faring?
OK but how are the hollandaise farmers faring?Photo: imago

Beelitz-Brandenburg asparagus farmers have ignored the cold to bring in a strong harvest of Germany's favourite vegetable over the past week.  

"We're very surprised ourselves," said Jürgen Jakobs of the Beelitz Asparagus Association on RBB-Inforadio Thurday - supposedly the official start of the white asparagus season.

About 1,500 to 1,700 hectares of the spears are being pulled from fields per day, or about 20,000kg, from the region, he said. The harvest began 1 April and will allow most regions to enjoy the seasonal delicacy. 

Stop. Spargelzeit.

Spargel, large white asparagus, is a vexxing German tradition that tracks the beginning of spring. The somewhat obscene-looking vegetable is usually eaten with potatoes and hollandaise alongside any number of traditional German dishes. In non-corona times, most restaurants offer a special Spargel menu. 

Roadside asparagus stands are expected to be open over the weekend and most stores should have plenty, said Jakobs. The strong harvest has been made possible by white plastic sheeting that is placed over the dirt asparagus mounds to trick the vegetable into believing Brandenburg has been much warmer than it was.

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