Berlin - After Frankfurt and Cologne, Berlin says it too will illuminate its largest football stadium with rainbow colours during the match between Germany and Hungary in Munich at 9pm on Wednesday. 

"We are happy to participate," Christoph Meyer, spokesman for the stadium's state-owned operator Olympiastadion GmbH, told the Berliner Zeitung, "because we're committed to tolerance and human rights."

A new LED system in the stadium roof and full-colour floodlights that were installed last year - the first of their kind in Germany - make it possible to turn the stadium into a giant rainbow. The stadium has already displayed the colours - to recognise Christopher Street Day.

"The decision was easy for us," says Meyer.

UEFA, the European football association, Tuesday prohibited the Munich venue from lighting up the arena as a statement against discrimination and for diversity. UEFA considers this a political statement, which its statutes forbid.

Munich's stadium was illuminated to mark Christopher Street Day in 2016.
Tobias Hase/dpa
Munich's stadium was illuminated to mark Christopher Street Day in 2016.

The initiative to illuminate stadiums came in the wake of Hungary passing a law prohibiting the distribution of content portraying homosexuality or sex reassignment to children under 18 in school sex education programmes, films and ads.

The Berlin government is also considering whether to also illuminate the Brandenburg Gate in rainbow colours.

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