Berlin pro hockey player suspended after testing positive for cannabis

Parker Tuomie, a German-American player, scored 13 goals for the Eisbären in their past championship season. 

Tuomie bogarting the puck against Ingolstadt.
Tuomie bogarting the puck against Ingolstadt.imago

Berlin-A German-American player for Germany's top pro hockey team - Berlin's Eisbären - has been suspended for three months after testing positive for the active ingredient in marijuana.  

Parker Tuomie, an Eisbären forward, tested positive for the banned substance carboxy-THC during a routine doping test. The suspension is retroactive to 7 June as part of an agreement between Germany's National Anti-Doping Agency and Tuomie, 25.

"As a professional athlete and role model, something like this should not have happened to me. It was a one-off for which I take full responsibility," he said in a statement. 

No summer camp

Tuomie joined the Eisbären Berlin for the past season after playing for seven years in North America, including on the collegiate team of Minnesota State University, where he studied. He played in 47 games on the Eisbären's third offensive line. Tuomie racked up 11 goals and 13 assists in his first season with the team, helping them to win the German title in May. 

The suspension means Tuomie will miss his team's summer training but will again be able to hit the ice again 15 August. He will also make a €5,000 donation to Karuna e.V., a charity that helps children and adolescents in need.

"Parker has made a mistake for which he must now bear the consequences. Of course, we cannot accept his unprofessional behavior," Eisbären athletic director Stéphane Richer said. Tuomie will also face team sanctions for the infraction, Richer said. 

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