Berlin - With the corona seven-day infection rate dropping to 13.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, the city-state government, aka Senat, decided Tuesday to lift the mask requirement in most outdoor areas. Previously masks had to be worn at 35 busy streets and squares. Masks are also no longer required outdoors in the city's two zoos. 

Politicians agreed to lift a number of other restrictions. For example, alcohol can once again be served after midnight.

Mayor Michael Müller expressed his relief at the falling infection numbers in the city. "We are currently experiencing significant relief in the hospitals and intensive care units," the SPD politician said at the press conference following the meeting.

FFP2 masks must still be worn on public transport. "Public transport is getting more crowded," Müller said. "We're working less from home, we have more tourists in the city and the pandemic is not over yet. Berliners are handling the rule well." 

Here are the full details of Tuesday's resolution

  • The mask requirement has been waived in 35 busy streets and squares. Mask must still be worn outdoors where groups of people gather, as in queues.
  • The limits on social contacts remain in place e.g. three families can meet inside but no more than six people excluding children. Fully vaccinated people are exempt.
  • Serving alcohol is allowed after midnight.
  • The mask requirement remains in place indoors. This also applies to gyms, where there will be no further relaxation.
  • Outdoor events are possible with up to 1,000 people. From 250, testing is compulsory.
  • Indoor events will be allowed with up to 250 people, but with compulsory testing.
  • Fairs and folk festivals will be possible again.
  • Universities will switch to in-person teaching .
  • A visit to the hairdresser's requires a negative test or FFP mask.
  • Saunas and indoor pools can open.
  • Casinos can open.
  • Graduation parties, weddings and funerals are allowed - larger ones require a hygiene plan.
  • It is expected that two of Berlin's vaccination centres will remain open past September.