Berlin set for more snow this weekend

Ready your toboggans and thermal pants - we could be in for up to 20cm of snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Expect to see more of these guys cropping up over the weekend - and don't forget your mask.
Expect to see more of these guys cropping up over the weekend - and don't forget your mask.Imago/Christian Spicher

Berlin-The weather forecasters have spoken: Berlin is set for more snow this weekend and icy temperatures well below zero.

Experts say we could be in for as much as 20cm of snowfall from Sunday, especially in the south west of the city and the bordering parts of Brandenburg. That follows a predicted temperature drop to minus 12 degrees centigrade on Saturday night, with the ground likely to freeze over and even a chance of snowdrifts on Sunday, according to the German Weather Service.

The reason for the icy onslaught is apparently an "air mass boundary" separating icy winds from the Arctic with warmer spring air. Feel sorry for the people living in the area where the two collide, as they'll be getting solidly rained on. For large parts of northern Germany however, on the polar side of the border, that will mean lots of snow.

This in turn means you can expect your social media feeds to once again fill up with Berliners sharing their frosty pics from across the city. Locals had cause to dust off their skis and toboggans (as well as their snow shovels) last weekend when a blanket of snow covered the city, making our lockdown escape walks just that little bit more picturesque.

With that much snow set to come, the opportunity is ripe to populate the city with snowmen - and get creative while you're at it. Last weekend numerous snow figures could be spotted across the city, from picture perfect creations featuring buttons and carrot noses to different animals - including a classic Berlin bear outside the Reichstag. We have to give a special mention to this hefty creation from the residents of Möckernkiez in Kreuzberg - complete with a hat and festive scarf.

Humans aren't the only ones who clearly enjoyed Berlin's snowfall last weekend - animals at the city's two zoos were snapped enjoying the white stuff, including Pit, one of the twin pandas at Zoo Berlin (pictured below). Of course, both zoos are still open despite lockdown, so you can still go and see the big bears and other creatures making the most of the snow.

Pit the panda.
Pit the panda.Pressefoto Wagner

And the forecast for this weekend is great news for fans of Eisbaden in Berlin - that is, going for a dip in the city's freezing cold lakes on winter days. Regular "icedippers" say it's invigorating, and offers a boost to your immune system and overall health. If you're convinced, give it a go before the waters actually freeze over.

If you're a snow fan, then have fun this weekend - we'll check out your photos on Twitter. If you're not a snow fan, don't forget to lüft your flat - the cold weather promises ultimate fresh, crisp air. Viel Spaß!