Berliner surfs on a bus through Tiergarten tunnel

Berlin's transport authority is not happy about the reckless stunt and is considering taking legal action.

By surfing on the roof of a bus in the tunnel, a man put not only himself but also other road users in danger, says BVG.
By surfing on the roof of a bus in the tunnel, a man put not only himself but also other road users in danger, says BVG.YouTube

Berlin-A 30-second video is doing the rounds in the social networks. In it, a young man can be seen surfing on the roof of a BVG bus - through the Tiergarten tunnel between Hauptbahnhof and Potsdamer Platz.  The BVG is appalled by the stupidity of the stunt.

The video was posted on Tuesday and can be found on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere. A man in a grey hoodie prances back and forth on the roof of the bus. He ducks to avoid be hit by roadlights and appears to try to touch the tunnel's ceiling with his hand.

The scene was filmed from a car travelling behind the bus. Who exactly recorded it and whether the action was coordinated is unclear. According to information provided to Berliner Zeitung, the clip was allegedly filmed at around 3pm on Tuesday.

Judging by online comments, Berliners aren't too impressed: "So much stupidity in one heap, unbelievable! If something happens, there will be a lot of screaming," writes a user.

Another comments: "It's clear that such people's head are filled with nothing but straw. I'd like to know how they get like this. Is it the upbringing? Peer pressure? Education? Or are you born that way?"

One demands: "There should be a prison sentence, he's not only endangering himself but all the road users who were in the tunnel at the time." 

BVG warns: a pile up was a distinct possibility

BVG isn't laughing. The operator is looking into the possibility of legal action, a spokesperson told Berliner Zeitung. It is assumed that the surfer prepared for the stunt - but one can only speculate as to how exactly he climbed onto roof of a moving bus.

"The bus driver had no chance of noticing," said BVG spokesperson Petra Nelken.

"The whole thing looks very simple - but people who do things like this not only put themselves in mortal danger but also all other road users. Because the whole thing happened in a tunnel. If he had fallen off the bus, there could easily have been a massive pile up as a result."

Such incidents continue to occur in Berlin despite the obvious danger - and sometimes they end in death. Normally, however, "surfers" ride trains, not busses. In 2014, for example, a 19-year-old died in Schöneberg while riding on the roof of an S-Bahn as the train entered a tunnel. In 2016, a 22-year-old was killed when he was surfing an U-Bahn train in Kreuzberg and hit his head against a low bridge.

In May 2020, the Bundespolizei (federal police) busted a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old when they tried to ride on the coupling between two cars on the S1 line.