Berlin - On Wednesday morning, a car apparently rammed the gate of the Kanzleramt, Chancellor Angela Merkel's office, and police arrested the 54-year-old driver. Photos of a dark VW Golf station wagon can be seen in photos published on Twitter and a police spokesperson confirmed the incident. 

In 2014, the suspect also crashed into a barrier at the Kanzleramt and his the car then also carried environmental slogans as well as a love note. 

"Whether it was a mental condition or another motivation is currently being clarified," police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said on Wednesday. Also unclear was "whether it was a symbolic act or whether it was an attempt to draw attention."

The man drove his car at a "very low speed, so that there was very little damage to the gate and the vehicle," Cablitz said.

The 54-year-old suspect was first treated in an ambulance for a rumoured minori injury. Although he had a wheelchair with him, he is able to walk.

The car's license plate bears the abbreviation LIP, meaning the car is registered in Lippe, a county in North-Rhine Westphalia in the west of the country. 

The words "you damned child and old-people murderers" were painted on the driver side of the car in white paint. Police and fire officials are on-scene.