Berlin - A 41-year-old caregiver was arrested and is suspected of killing his 91-year-old client Monday in Charlottenburg. Police released few additional details of the crime in Schlüterstraße in the western borough.

Officers were called to the apartment Monday shortly before 5pm by relatives who found the pensioner's body in her apartment.

"Somebody called 110 and 112, causing officers and the fire brigade to rush to the apartment," a police spokesperson said.

Suspect in flat as emergency personnel arrived

The first responders attempted to resuscitate the woman, but instead could only confirm her death. Officers quickly suspected foul play because of the woman's injuries and because the caregiver, who was in the apartment when they arrived, acted suspiciously.

The crime comes just three months after a caregiver at a home for the disabled in Potsdam allegedly killed four residents and seriously injured a fifth. Experts have since highlighted the low pay and tough working conditions of care personnel, calling for reform. 

The caregiver in Monday's case was arrested Monday evening as forensic specialists secured evidence at the scene and detectives interviewed potential witnesses.