Berlin - Firefighters had to be called out three times late Tuesday and early Wednesday morning to deal with burning cars in Lichtenrade, Kreuzberg and Lichtenberg. Property was damaged in all three cases.

BMW interior ablaze in Lichtenrade

Shortly before midnight, witnesses alerted the Berlin fire brigade to Lichtenrader Damm where the interior of a parked BMW 5 series sedan was on fire. The owner apparently belongs to the fire brigade or at least wanted to show support for the emergency services: A #BerlinBrennt (#Berlinburns) sticker was on the car. On the scene, the owner said the rear right window of his vehicle could not be closed due to a technical defect. The window opening was therefore only provisionally secured against rain with a piece of cardboard.

Morris Pudwell
Damaged BMW in Lichtenrade.

The police believe that a person threw something combustible into the interior. The fire was quickly extinguished, but the BMW was still badly damaged. Lichtenrader Damm was closed between Fehlingstraße and Potsdamer Straße in the direction of Kreuzberg as firefighters and police completely their work.

SEAT burns in Kreuzberg

At around 0.50am, the fire brigade was called to a car park at Mehringdamm 28. Within sight of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg tax office, the rear of a parked SEAT was on fire. A small car parked next to it and a van were also affected.

Morris Pudwell
A slab of barbecue lighter for found on the front tyre of the car in Kreuzberg.

Detectives found a whole slab of barbecue lighter on each tyre. Several of them were recovered almost intact. It remains to be seen whether they will lead the police to the culprit.

VW Touareg ablaze in Lichtenberg

At around 2am, another call about a burning car came in. A VW Touareg was on fire in a residential car park at Landsberger Allee 180 in Lichtenberg.

Morris Pudwell
A firefighter tries to extinguish the burning VW in Lichtenberg.

The VW was completely destroyed by the fire. A small car parked next to it was also severely damaged by the intense heat. The police are investigating all three cases as suspected arson attacks.

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