Clubbing in Berlin - outdoor dance events from 18 June?

Clubs in Berlin will be allowed to reopen, but they don't know whether parties are worth it with corona rules still in place.

Wilde Renate on 22 May.
Wilde Renate on 22 May.AP/Dorothee Thiesing

Berlin-Both indoor and outdoor events are now possible in Berlin, if a slew of corona regulations are followed. Now that the clubs are gradually opening, they're asking themselves whether events with a limited number of people and in adherence with strict hygiene rules are worthwhile and fun. 

"We actually have a capacity of several hundred. But seated with a distance of 1.5m between chairs, 36 people can fit into Gretchen," Pamela Schobeß, owner of the Kreuzberg club told public broadcaster RBB.

Berlin's state culture minister, Klaus Lederer (Die Linke), wants to allow outdoor dance parties again from 18 June. One reason would be to prevent illegal parties from happening, like the large raves in Hasenheide last summer.

In a cultural committee meeting on Monday he said: "We as the culture administration may not want to allow 1,000 people in one go, but with a certain number, we want to allow activities outside - including dance activities."

Legal alternatives are still better than illegal parties, Lederer said.

Berlin agreed to relax its corona regulations and allow indoor events from last Friday, though severe restrictions on audience size remain in place.

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