Common Ground: Agree to disagree? The US-German do-si-do on China

In this week's episode, a discussion of the new western sanctions on China.

Photo: picture alliance / Ole Spata/dpa

Berlin-Every week, host Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson brings together prominent guests from all walks of life in the Common Ground podcast in cooperation with Berliner Zeitung English Edition. 

The western allies’ coordinated sanctions on China this month for human rights abuses in Xinjiang are the first of their kind since the Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989. But do they signal a new, unified approach by Washington and Berlin toward China? Or will the transatlantic unison be short-lived?

Host Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson talks with Noah Barkin, a senior visiting fellow with the German Marshall Fund’s Asia programme and managing editor of Rhodium Group’s China practice; and Glacier Kwong, a political and digital rights activist from Hong Kong who is a columnist and also a doctoral student at the University of Hamburg.

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