Common Ground: Wir schaffen das - except in the Bundestag?

In this week's episode, a discussion of why immigrants and their descendents are underrepresented in German politics.

Eight per cent of members of the Bundestag come from a "migration background".
Eight per cent of members of the Bundestag come from a "migration background".Photo: AFP/John Macdougall

Berlin-Every week, host Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson brings together prominent guests from all walks of life in the Common Ground podcast in cooperation with Berliner Zeitung English Edition. 

Immigrants and their descendants account for a quarter of Germany’s population, but still have a hard time breaking into the political arena. Will any of that change this election year? Is the first-ever Syrian refugee candidate a good start?

Soraya talks with MP Aydan Özoğuz, a Social Democrat who was previously the federal commissioner for migration, refugees and integration and Andreas Wüst, a professor of political science and government at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

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