Berlin - A police officer is being investigated for allegedly assaulting a demonstrator at a protest last Saturday in support of the former anarchist queer housing project, Liebig34, in Friedrichshain. A commissioner at the Landeskriminalamt (State Criminal Police Office) is investigating the case.

During the demonstration, an officer kicked a person in the face with full force. The high kick can be seen in a video identifying the officer by his badge number which has been circulating on Twitter.

On Saturday, about 1000 leftwing demonstrators marched through Friedrichshain shouting slogans like "United we fight!". The eviction of Liebig34 three weeks ago had been followed by protests and rioting in Mitte.  

As the march passed the building, activists lowered a banner with the inscription "L34 forever" from the top floor but left the property before police could intervene.

For many leftwing activists in Berlin and across Germany, the formerly squatted building remains a symbol of resistance against gentrification and unaffordable housing.