Corona rules being relaxed Friday - here's all the info

Cinema, sports, bars, schools and more - it's all opening. We dive into the details.

Chillin' at Gleisdreieck, Kreuzberg.<br><br>
Chillin' at Gleisdreieck, Kreuzberg.

Imago/Jürgen Held

Berlin-Summer's here. And just in time, a slew of leisure activities are again possible in Berlin - starting Friday. The rules on going out, shopping, theatres, cinemas, fitness and team sports are all being relaxed - following a meeting by the city-state government on Tuesday. But what exactly has been decided? Here's the nitty-gritty of what's possible from Friday.

CONTACT RESTRICTIONS: Outside, 10 people from up to five households plus children up to 14 years of age are allowed to meet again. Indoors, up to six people from three households can gather privately.

RESTAURANTS and BARS are allowed to open their indoor spaces. However,the number of guests is limited and reservations and testing are required. No tests required to sit in outdoor areas. Alcohol may now be served and sold until midnight instead of 11pm.

All SHOPS may admit customers without tests - but masks must still be worn. FLEA MARKETS and other outdoor markets are allowed to open.

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OUTDOOR EVENTS such as concerts are possible for up to 500 people. From 250 people, testing is compulsory.

INDOOR EVENTS are permitted with up to 100 people; testing is compulsory for 11 or more participants. Exceptions can be made if the space is mechanically ventilated, in which case there can be significantly more people.

CINEMAS, THEATRES and CONCERT HALLS reopen. The rules are the same as for indoor events.

For MUSEUMS, GALLERIES AND MEMORIALS, the same rules apply as in retail.

OUTDOOR LEISURE ACTIVITIES allowed. The indoor areas of the zoos and botanical gardens may open, but reservations and testing are compulsory.

FITNESS, SPORT AND DANCE STUDIOS are allowed to open with a limited number of people, appointments and compulsory testing.

For OUTDOOR SPORTS in groups, the previous upper limits no longer apply. Testing is compulsory for adults.

INDOOR SPORTS will be allowed in groups of up to 10 people, with compulsory testing for adults.

COMPETITIVE LOW-CONTACT SPORTS are possible again. Professional sporting events with a limited number of spectators are also okay.

UNIVERSITIES are allowed to open their libraries and offer face-to-face courses in small groups again. University food halls also open.

From 9 June, SCHOOLS will return to regular classes for the two weeks until the summer holidays. Until then, there will continue to be a reduced number of lessons in small groups. 

As of 11 June, HOTELS can open up to tourists. Full occupancy is permitted. The opening date has been coordinated with neighbouring Brandenburg.