Deadly SUV driver charged with negligent homicide

The man had been warned not to drive but climbed behind the wheel of his Porsche anyway, prosecutors allege

The scene hours later.
The scene hours later.Morris Pudwell

Berlin - Prosecutors on Thursday lodged charges of negligent homicide and reckless endangerment of road traffic against a 44-year-old who lost control of his Porsche about 18 months ago in Mitte, killing four.

Prosecutors allege the defendant defied doctor's orders when he climbed behind the wheel of his Macan Turbo on 6 September 2019 and was allegedly unable to drive the vehicle safely. The suspect had only just survived brain surgery and should not have been driving, the prosecutor's office said.

The man allegedly swerved his Porsche into the opposite lane on Invalidenstraße to avoid a traffic jam and then accelerated rapidly. He is then suspected of suffering an epileptic seizure which led him to depress the accelerator fully. His car raced at full speed onto the sidewalk at the intersection of Invalidenstraße and Ackerstraße.

The SUV tore several metal bollards from their anchors before crashing into a traffic light. The car then rolled over several times.

Epileptic seizure: Speeds of up to 106km/h

Four pedestrians waiting at the traffic light were struck by the car, which was speeding at between 102 and 106km/h, according to the prosecutor's office. Two men, aged 28 and 29, as well as a 64-year-old woman and her three-year-old grandson suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene.

A neurologist reportedly told the defendant several times not to drive following the surgery. Prosecutors say he ignored the warning, leading to Thursday's charges.

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