"Disgusting conditions" at a Neukölln döner factory

A meat plant attracted the attention of authorities during a workplace inspection. A meat-processing machine had to be shut down.

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Berlin-During an inspection at a Neukölln döner meat production facility, police discovered serious violations of health and safety regulations. 

"Individual areas of the production showed disgusting conditions," said a spokeperson on Wednesday. A meat-processing machine was shut down because safety features were missing and "materials were leaking from it".

The company stood out as being particularly negligent during a routine inspection involving several authorities on Tuesday. During the same round of inspections, officials also shut down a barbershop for several offences, including undeclared employment, insufficient anti-infection measures and a violation of German craft regulations. This is usually the case if there is no certified master hairdresser working in the business.

Last March, police grossed out Berliners by publishing photos of cockroaches and dead mice they found in a Neukölln bakery.