Dresden: Italian man dies while in police custody

Death due to natural causes has been ruled out. An investigation has been launched. 

Early Sunday morning an Italian man died while in police custody in Dresden.
Early Sunday morning an Italian man died while in police custody in Dresden.Photo: imagoimages/Marius Bulling

Berlin-A 37-year-old Italian man died while being held by police late Satuday night in Dresden. Police and state prosecutors announced on Sunday that he lost consciousness at a police station after having been arrested earlier in the evening.  Emergency services were able to resuscitate the man, after which he was brought to a hospital, where he reportedly died later the same night. 

"It was an unnatural death so we've launched an investigation," senior state prosecutor Lorenz Haase told dpa on Sunday. It is hoped that an autopsy will determine the cause of death. Haase says results are not expected before Tuesday. He said that he suspected that the deceased man had been "under the influence of alcohol or drugs."  

Previously, police had been called to a bar where the 37-year-old had reportedly been acting "unruly". According to bar staff, the man had been throwing bottles and drinks crates about, a police spokesperson said. People in the bar held the man until the police arrived. Haase said that no further information was currently available.