Berlin - A lorry carrying numerous full crates of beer lost hold of its cargo at around 7.15pm on Monday night, leaving a corner of the motorway outside Berlin littered with crates, broken glass - and the smell of Berliner Kindl.

According to information given at the scene, the countless crates and bottles had fallen from the lorry on the B101 motorway at Großbeeren in Brandenburg, just south of Berlin, on a left-hand bend in the road. Photos show crates of the brands Berliner Kindl and Berliner Pilsner strewn across the tarmac.

Photo:  Morris Pudwell
Beer fans, look away now: all this could have been yours.

Some crates were also thrown down a grassy verge at the side if the road. According to a witness, a veritable "lake of beer" formed on the motorway following the accident. No-one was injured in the incident, but the cleanup operation saw the road closed for hours. Police officers at the scene also helped to collect the lorry's fallen load.