Extinction Rebellion: A week of protest from Monday

Blockades, marches, civil disobedience - XR activists are being secretive about the details of what they have planned.

An XR flag.
An XR flag.Imago/Martin Müller

Berlin-Environmental activists Extinction Rebellion (XR) and other groups say they'll be marching, blocking streets and putting on surprise actions in Berlin all of next week to protest for more radical government action on climate change. The actions' slogan is "August RiseUp - against climate crisis and species extinction", organisers said online.

At earlier protests, the mostly young environmentalists appeared in costumes and with bright body paint and generally caused disruption across the city with stunts such as sitting in crossroads and letting themselves get carried away by the police. Some activists chained themselves together.

Online the organisers write: "Action training is recommended if you want to take part."

Locations kept secret till the last minute

The first blockade is scheduled to begin Monday with the slogan "The is government failing". Numerous groups will "cause a stir" in central Berlin, Rise Up organisers announced. It was not revealed if streets, junctions, bridges or specific buildings would be blocked. The protesters want to keep the exact locations secret until the start, in order to surprise the police. The time and place will to be communicated among activists shortly beforehand via Telegram.

On Tuesday, a climate protest march, among other actions, is planned.

"A coalition of several dozen groups will take to the streets loudly and colourfully and light a fire under the government's butt," they said. Starting points are the SPD and CDU party headquarters. The demonstration will end with a rally at Invalidenpark in Mitte.

More blockades area expected Wednesday: "We're taking the blockers of effective climate policy to task," said the German XR site.

On Thursday a funeral march of activists in animal costumes is planned under the tagline "species extinction".

The environmentalists also want to highlight the state of the oceans: "We'll form a labyrinth across a central, busy Berlin intersection with old fishing nets that had been discarded in the sea." 

XR first emerged in the UK in 2018 and quickly spread across the world.

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