Fashion show and party at Soho House

A Bottega Vineta show at Berghain reportedly led to a rule-breaking party at Soho House.  


Berlin-Hanging out with rappers, attending a fashion show in Berghain and partying in Soho House sounds like a pretty average pre-corona Berlin weekend. But for a handful of rappers, influencers and fashion officials, it was reportedly last weekend - corona laws be damned.

Italian label Bottega Veneta rented Berghain for its Salon 2 fashion show Friday, attended by celebrity doorman Sven Marquardt and Bottega Veneta's Daniel Lee as well as rappers Slowthai, Skepta and Burna Boy. The show was followed by an after party at Soho House on Torstraße, according to Tagesspiegel, where few - if any - corona regulations were followed. 

Photos on social media show many of the attendees partying in the posh hotel, creating a shitstorm (as the Germans say) including stiff criticism from Brenda Wischer, founder of vintage online store Disruptive. The paper quoted the influencer as saying many of the celebrities flown in for the event didn't adhere to quarantine regulations and parties also took place at homes of the well-heeled in Berlin as well as in Berghain itself.

"This recent corporate booking, which occupied all rooms in the property, adhered to all legal guidelines. We are taking the case very seriously and are talking to everyone involved to find out exactly what happened," Soho House told Tagesspiegel.

Thanks, idiots!

Bottega Veneta has yet to comment to any of the media reporting on the event and many Instagram accounts have since deleted pictures of the event, which appear to show the celebrities and Bottega officials huddled around a DJ stand. 

"Rich people from all over the world attended these events, in the midst of a Germanwide lockdown and increasing corona numbers. Thanks a lot idiots!" the Berlinclubmemes Instragram said.