Friedrichstraße car-free from 29 August

Berlin Transport Minister Regine Günther announces the kick-off date for the pilot project 

In Oktober 2019 Friedrichstraße was closed to cars for a weekend.
In Oktober 2019 Friedrichstraße was closed to cars for a weekend.dpa/Paul Zinken

Berlin-Friedrichstraße, a major shopping street in Mitte, will be closed to cars between Leipziger and Französicher Straße from 29 August until the end of the year. Berlin's Transport Minister Regine Günther (Greens) announced the start date for the pilot project during a state transport committee meeting. The project has already been postponed several times.

Road workers will begin marking a bike path down the middle of the street on 21 August, Günther said. The lane will also provide access for emergency vehicles. 65 trees in planters will also adorn the street and cafés and restaurants will be able to place more tables and chairs in front of their businesses. 

It is hoped the project will make Friedrichstraße a more pleasant place to spend time and help struggling retail outlets generate more business.

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