Berlin - For the past five years, Danish singer, producer and composer Anna Sharifi has been enchanting club and festival audiences in Berlin and beyond with her spellbinding vocals and catchy electronic beats.

How are you coping with not being able to perform?

Surprisingly well. It's not that I don't miss it at all, but it's not something I think about every day. What I miss more are the experiences around performing - like being a part of a festival or a club night for example, meeting new people and crews. I've come to realise that interactions (be it with crews, audiences, a certain atmosphere) are crucial to a great performance experience - for me at least.

Photo: Adrian Zwicker

Anna Sharifi is a Berlin-based producer, composer and singer originally from Copenhagen. She uses synthesizers, samples, and vocals to create tracks crossing the boundaries between established genres. She experiments with the integration of oriental and mystical elements such as folkloristic scales or ancient poetry into industrial, minimalistic, bassy soundscapes. At the same time, her background in jazz is notable in how she uses her voice and builds melodies, while her love for club culture and dancing is revealed by the driven, steady beats in her compositions. She performs either solo or with pianist Nina Branner in her duo uon. Before the pandemic, she performed regularly in Berlin and across Germany and Europe.

What do you miss during the corona pandemic?

Attending concerts as part of the audience. To be inspired in unexpected ways. Obtaining emotional release by letting myself go to music that goes under the skin. Streaming concerts can't really compensate for the real deal. Unfortunately. I think it is because live music, or DJ sets for that matter, are more than just the music - for me it's a full body, full sensorial experience, a combination of the atmosphere, smell and look of the venue, the lights, the taste and temperature of the drink I'm having, the interactions with friends and strangers - and not least the dancing.

What have you been working on creatively during lockdown?

I have released a new single with my duo uon called Kali - inspired by the Hindu goddess of destruction and new beginnings. I also finished some tracks that I started on before corona and I have been diving into technical matters such as learning about new performance possibilities and instruments, but I haven't been able to create any whole pieces from the beginning to the end during the pandemic. What is missing is the possibility to try out new ideas live, get inspired by a crowd or a certain mood found at certain places (the clubs, in my case).

Any recommendations on what do in Berlin during lockdown to fight boredom and stay sane?

If it is an option, go get pregnant. It's partly worked for me.

What are you looking forward to most when the pandemic is over?

Long hugs, dancing with strangers, taking a sip of someone else's beer, not flinching if the person sitting across me in the U-Bahn has forgotten to cover his nose with the mask. Just normal stuff like that.

Video: Thomas Künzel @ Carl Smith Art