Hate on the streets of Kreuzberg and Neukölln

Antisemitic abuse in Kreuzberg; woman attacked by stone-throwing youths in Neukölln. 

<em>Stolpersteine</em> commemorate victims of the Holocaust on the sidewalk in front of the buildings where they once lived.
Stolpersteine commemorate victims of the Holocaust on the sidewalk in front of the buildings where they once lived.picture alliance / Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa

Berlin-Police reported two unrelated incidents of identity-based crime that took place late Wednesday in Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

Antisemitic abuse

A 28-year-old man allegedly harassed a couple with antisemitic slurs. According to the police, the two senior citizens (aged 70 and 81) had been cleaning Stolpersteine (brass squares commemorating vitims of the Holocaust embedded in the sidewalk) on Schierkerstraße in Kreuzberg on Wednesday evening when the man appeared and insulted the pensioners with anti-Jewish remarks.

The pensioners then approached two police officers who had confronted the suspect nearby and accused him of the crime. The man denied the charges. Police say they are investigating the man on suspicion of committing verbal abuse and incitement to antisemitic hatred.

Woman attacked with stones in homophobic attack

Meanwhile, on Wednesday evening in Kreuzberg, a woman was subjected to homophobic insults and pelted with stones. According to a police report on Thursday, the 28-year-old woman was walking along Graefestraße towards Urbanstraße at around 7.25pm when she was asked about her gender by some young men. The woman refused to answer the question. The youths picked up stones and threw them at the woman. She was not hit, according to the police.

The woman tried to flee from the stone throwers in the direction of Urbanstraße. But the attackers pursued her and continued to insult her. The victim called the police but by the time they arrived, the youths had fled. A search for them was unsuccessful. The police are investigating for attempted assault and verbal abuse.

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