Berlin - It won't come straight away, but with tens of thousands set to be vaccinated against coronavirus in Germany by the end of this year, the light at the end of the tunnel after a year dominated by sickness and lockdown misery is very much in sight.

To mark the end of 2020, we took some time to reflect on the things we've missed the most this year and that will be all the more special when they're back – hopefully, in one form or another, sooner or later – in 2021.

And because who knows where we would have been this year without online communication, our readers have pitched in too, taking to Twitter to share their hopes for life after coronavirus. Guten Rutsch!

Little things mean a lot

Photo: Elizabeth Rushton
Mitte, September 2020 - before things got bad again.

Covid put this year on hold in a big way – so the prospect of making major life plans once again is titillating. But sometimes it's the simple, everyday things that will mean the most once they're back.

English Edition editorial pick: Sitting in a crowded cafe and staring out the window. Drumming in my middle-aged rock band. Holding little open mics in my flat on my birthday. - Maurice Frank


imago images/Steinach
Dispose of your masks responsibly – it sure will be great to hang them up until the next pandemic.

As challenging as the disruption to our daily lives during the pandemic has been, the fear and anxiety brought by the virus that has now killed 1 million across the world is no joke. Living without it will be a serious weight lifted.


imago images/BRIGANI-ART
Berliner Philharmonie, February 2007. How about being here and not being worried about catching something?

It's hard to imagine Berlin without its theatre, music and nightlife – yet that's what we've had to do for large parts of this year. Online live stream gigs are all well and good, but there's no denying having the real thing back will be incredibly special.

English Edition editorial pick: Watching my daughter and her Irish dance troupe at the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market. Seeing my son's first public dance performance. Walking through German towns I've heard of but never visited to get to a comedy gig. - Andrew Bulkeley


imago images/Stefan Zeitz
October 2020. One day BER will be up and running like a proper airport again and we can get back to making jokes about it.

Poor Berlin – you spend 14 years and far too much money building a new airport, and when it's time to open it there's a pandemic on and everyone carries on laughing at you. For our readers, based in Berlin and elsewhere, a change of scene without fear of spreading deadly germs is a very exciting prospect indeed.

Just Berlin things

imago images / snapshot
Prenzlauer Berg, August 2019. I remember those days...

Staying home to keep yourself and others safe from the virus is the responsible thing to do right now, but the eerie quiet across Berlin just feels wrong. The sooner the lively, creative buzz is back on our streets, the better.

English Edition editorial pick: Making a fool of myself (and watching others do the same) at Bearpit Karaoke in Mauerpark. Freiluftkino and public viewings in the summer. Just taking a walk and seeing what street concerts, dance parties or indie galleries I can find along the way. - Elizabeth Rushton

Brave (vaccinated) new world?

imago/Sandra Weller
What comes next?

Thousands of daily corona deaths can happily stay in 2020 – but has this year taught us some ways we could do things better? Changes to typical working routines and even how we structure our cities have given us plenty of food for thought for 2021.