Berlin - Firefighters early Monday battled a fire at the historic yet abandoned Müggelhort, a former hotel and restaurant on Müggelsee in southern Berlin.

Roof supports for the building caught on fire, requiring a major response. Work continued in the morning, forcing the first group of firefighters to be relieved by a second shift.

"We are currently on site with about 80 firefighters," a spokesman said. In a tweet, the brigade said the danger of collapse as well as insufficient water supply hampered work at the scene. 

Two ladder trucks as well as about 85 firefighters attacked the fire. No injuries were reported.

Müggelhort first opened in 1901 and the entire site was rebuilt in 1996, before being renovated again in 2011. The restaurant was sold and has been closed indefinitely since 2016. It was auctioned on 7 November 2018.