Man with toy gun triggers large police operation

Passengers on an S-Bahn felt threatened by a "gunman" on Tuesday. A police manhunt caused widespread transport disruption.

A Berliner with a toy gun in an S-Bahn triggered a large police operation.
A Berliner with a toy gun in an S-Bahn triggered a large police operation.Imago

Berlin-The Bundespolizei, or federal police, temporarily detained a man in Charlottenburg on Tuesday because he was was believed to be carrying a real gun in an S-Bahn. The police said witnesses saw a man holding a firearm in a a train at Charlottenburg station at 9.45 pm. A search of the immediate vicinity at the station was initially unsuccessful.

A few minutes later, the police recieved a tip-off locating the allegedly armed man in Friedrichstraße station. There, officers managed to overpower the 39-year-old on a platform and disarm him. It turned out that the weapon was a toy gun.

Transport chaos

The incident led to delays and cancelations in S-bahns across the city. Emergency services closed several tracks during the search for the suspect.

The Bundespolitzei filed various criminal charges against the man for violations of the Weapons Act,  regulations on passenger trains, and for causing a nuisance to the public. Police said he'd been charged with several violent offences in the past.

After his personal details were recorded, he was released.