E-scooter parking spots coming to Mitte

The new spaces are supposed to free up sidewalks and add some ORDNUNG by ending the practice of riders abandoning the steeds wherever they want.

Reichstag. Weird modernist building. E-scooter. Berlin.
Reichstag. Weird modernist building. E-scooter. Berlin.

Berlin-The district of Mitte is planning to set up parking spots for e-scooters and rental bikes. The first one – in front of the Rotes Rathaus (city hall) was unveiled Tuesday. 

By the end of August, 10 such areas will replace car parking spots around Mitte, the Bezirksamt (district administration) announced on Tuesday. Further scooter spaces are seen for Leipziger Platz, outside the Mall of Berlin, Zimmerstraße 23 at Checkpoint Charlie and at Oranienburger Straße 92 on Hackescher Markt.

The foreseen scooter spaces will be between six- and ten-metres long and about two metres wide – and can also be used to park bikes.

The Bezirksamt hopes the on-street parking spots will free up space on sidewalks and help put an end to abandoned scooters littering pedestrian areas. Authorities plan to examine whether the new parking spots will have a positive impact on the problem.

“With the new spaces, Mitte is contributing to better safety on the streets,” said Sabine Weißler, the district councillor overseeing the project. “E-scooters and rental bikes can’t be allowed to become stumbling blocks clogging up the sidewalk.”

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