The latest corona stats for Berlin (tallied Monday, 7 June) 

Berliners vaccinated with one vaccine dose: 44.8 per cent (43.3 per cent Friday)

Berliners fully vaccinated: 20.3 per cent (19 per cent Friday)

New cases in one day: +7 (+27 Sunday) 

Total number of corona deaths: 3,506 (+1)

🟢 R number: 0.79 (0.81 Sunday)

🟡 New infections per week: 26.5/100,000  inhabitants (26.5 Sunday)

🟢 Share of Berlin ICUs occupied by Covid-19 patients: 11.6 per cent (10.9 per cent Sunday)

Sources: Berlin's coronavirus status page

The latest news

UK getting worried

Cases are on the rise again in the UK with officials blaming a specific variant of the disease known as "Delta", the BBC reported. The variant is 40 per cent more transmissible but has not yet led to an increase in hospitalisations or deaths. A single vaccine dose may be less effective against the variant, pushing officials to move up the second dose interval to about 8 weeks from 12.

Officially anyone can get vaccinated but it doesn't matter

Starting today, Germany no longer prioritises groups for vaccination but it's purely a theoretical move since we lack enough vaccine for everyone. It just means more people can hassle doctors and fruitlessly refresh the doctolib site hoping to score an appointment at a vaccination centre. However, there is one beacon of hope - company doctors today may also now vaccinate employees. 

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