More corona restrictions to fall 4 and 18 June

Near-normalcy in outdoor events and a return inside for food, drink and cultural events. Probably.

Indoor cinema may soon be allowed too.
Indoor cinema may soon be allowed too.dpa

Berlin-With the first restrictions related to federal corona regulations lifted Wednesday, our city-state's government Tuesday agreed to further lift restrictions 4 and 18 June to widely re-open cultural and athletic events. 

Politicians are using the decisions taken Tuesday as a roadmap and will review them 1 June to ensure the incidence either remains stably under 100, or continues to fall, making the planned openings possible.

What's planned 4 June:

Up to 10 people from 3 households plus an unlimited number of children up to 14 years of age will again be allowed to meet. There will be no change to indoor meetings (2 households, 5 people).

Up to 500 people are allowed at outdoor events; testing required for events with 250 or more people. Indoor events, including theatres, concert halls and movie theatres, can re-open with up to 100 people. Testing mandatory for 11 or more attendees. Ventilation devices and hygiene concepts can make tests unnecessary.

Outdoor recreation will be allowed and indoor areas at zoos and botanical gardens can re-open but with  mandatory reservations and testing.

No more limits on outdoor group sports though mandatory testing for adults. Up to 10 adults can play indoor sports together, also with mandatory testing for adults. Low-contact sport competitions will be allowed to resume and professional sports can have spectators again.

Can re-open with limited participants, reservations and mandatory testing.

Universities can re-open libraries and resume in-person classes in small groups.

18 June plans

Up to 10 people from 3 households allowed inside - plus children.

Outdoor events with up to 1,000 people; testing mandatory for 250 or more. Up to 200 allowed indoors with testing mandatory for 11 people or more.

May re-open indoor spaces though with capacity limitations, reservations and testings.

Outdoor fun allowed again without appointment or test. Reservations and tests required for indoor recreation.

Hotels will again be allowed to offer overnight tourist accommodations with a maximum of 50 per cent occupancy and mandatory testing.

Testing and contact tracing no longer mandatory.

Colleges may again offer in-person exams and major courses,, though with testing and hygiene policies.

Testing no longer required for outdoor group sports. Outdoor competitions may have spectators though with testing and attendance limits. No more limits on indoor sports, but mandatory testing for adults. Indoor competitions in general sports are allowed without spectators but  with mandatory testing and person caps.

Sexual services without intercourse again allowed. In brothels and with escort services, hygiene concept, appointment booking and compulsory testing.