Murder in Lichtenberg

A 41-year-old man turned himself into the police and confessed to the murder and attempted rape of a 15-year-old.

Morris Pudwell

Berlin-A 41-year-old man on Wednesday afternoon led police to the body of a 15-year-old in an abandoned area near Rummelsburger Bucht in Lichtenberg, police said.

The man had turned himself at a nearby police station alongside his attorney and then confessed to attempting to sexually assault the teenager before killing her. He said he decided to kill her to cover up the attempted assault, the prosecutors office said.

The body was found in an overgrown area between the boat launch and a homeless camp. Police are unsure if the suspect killed the teenager where the body was found or killed her elsewhere and then carried the body to the site where she was found– the area is fenced off and difficult to access.

The man remains in jail on charges of attempted sexual assault and murder. He had previously been sentenced to a psychiatric hospital for sexual assault.

Residents of the homeless camp about 80 metres from the crime scene told Berliner Zeitung that all residents had been accounted for – neither the suspect nor the victim were related to the camp, they said.

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