My Berlin: Abby Cheng

Every week, we ask an immigrant in Berlin to share their top five favourite things to do in the city. This week: Abby Cheng from Hong Kong.

Rowing on the Neuer See: one of Abby Cheng's top recommendations in Berlin.
Rowing on the Neuer See: one of Abby Cheng's top recommendations in Berlin.Berliner Zeitung/Carsten Koall

Berlin-Originally from Hong Kong, Abby Cheng moved to Berlin after her graduation from the University of Edinburgh in 2015 to learn German and start her training in Musical Theatre. She has been working at the Komödie am Kurfürstendamm since 2020 as an ensemble dancer and has been active in other smaller projects in film, TV and voice acting.

Thai Park – Preußenpark, Wilmersdorf

As a big fan of Thai food, Thai Park is one of my absolute favourite places to go on the weekends. You can find lots of authentic and delicious homemade Thai (and sometimes other Asian) food. The park itself is also a nice place to hang out in!

Neuer See, Tiergarten

Beautiful view with the possibility to rent your own boat to enjoy nature in the middle of a busy city. Other than that, it’s also great to grab a drink at the café nearby, or of course you can bring your own drinks and sit by the lake. The lights at night are also very beautiful and romantic.

Tak Kee – Wilmersdorfer Straße 79, Charlottenburg

A rare find in Berlin, serving authentic Hong Kong-style dishes – my go-to restaurant when I feel homesick. When you arrive at the restaurant, you will be greeted by a sign made to look like a bus stop sign in Hong Kong. The food is very tasty and their Pochai Choi is a must try in winter! Ah, brings back so many memories …


Even if you have no experience in tango, the friendly atmosphere at their outdoor events will bring your inner tango soul out! The tango enthusiasts and teachers are very willing to give you a hand with your first step into this amazing dance form. Check out their Facebook page for their event schedule!

Kiez Kaffee Kraft Pankow – Breite Straße 35, Pankow

What better way to enjoy Berlin than with great coffee, delicious cake and a gorgeous view? This coffee shop has a very relaxing atmosphere and the carrot cake is heavenly! And don’t forget to say hi to Yuki the dog when you visit!