My Berlin: Carl Smith

Each week we ask an immigrant: what are your Berlin faves? This week: American artist Carl Smith.

Carl Smith
Carl SmithBob Sennrich

Urban Nation, Bülowstraße 7, Schöneberg: This is not just one of my favourite museums in Berlin, it is one of my favourite museums anywhere because its focus is on the kind of street art adjacent art styles and techniques that really inspire me and I think speaks to many people who are bored of elitist conceptual art exhibitions but who still love art!

8mm Bar, Schönhauser Allee 177, Prenzlauer Berg: I may have already heard enough techno in Berlin to tide me over for the rest of my life, so it’s such a blessing that my local dive bar also happens to be an internationally recognised location for awesome live shows and DJs who mine the sounds of psychedelic rock and kraut rock. Plus they have crazy video projections!

Holzmarkt, Holzmarktstraße 25, Mitte: When the weather is good there is nowhere else in the city that has as much to offer in terms of food and drink options in a unique location that is sprawled out along the side of the Spree and made with that certain quirky Bar 25 rustic flair that just makes me smile.

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Centro Italia, locations in Prenzlauer Berg, Charlottenburg and Marienfelde: Because I really love to cook and entertain, my very late discovery recently of this giant Italian supermarket and bistro specialising in everything you can eat or drink from Italy has been a revelation in terms of knowing where to get all the best Italian items I already want under one roof, as well as literally isles full of products I want to try some day.

Event: This weekend, Smith's own Carl Smith ART showroom (Hiddenseer Straße 7a, Prenzlauer Berg) hosts a vernissage and two concerts. The exhibition "Tone and Volume" features photos by Michi Hartmann of the Berlin jazz scene from 1988-1990 and new multi-media works by Smith himself. Opening: Friday 23 July, 6pm-10pm, music by The Instant Tigers duo; on Saturday 24 July Michi Hartmann plays her self-made Eisern Bass at 5pm.