Berlin - Italian Gianni Bettucci is 46 years old, came to Berlin in 2001 and co-founded the theatre group Familie Flöz, the gay daddies network The Rainbow Daddies and co-authored the first guide for queer daddies, Das Regenbogenväterbuch.

Rüdesheimer Platz, Wilmersdorf: In the not so well known or touristy Wilmersdorf you can find really nice, friendly corners and activities, like the summer wine festival at Rüdesheimer Platz. You can bring your own food, grab a couple of seats at the many tables there and order some nice French or German wine at the kiosk and make acquaintances with friendly Wilmersdorfers!

Panketal: This is a great walk or bike ride. The path starts in Wedding and if you are fit and in the right mood you can ride your bike or run along the Panke (the small river that gives its name to Pankow) to Bernau in Brandenburg. Perfect if you’re preparing for a marathon (like me in 2012) or on a sunny day!

Britzer Garten, Neukölln: A must if you live in south Berlin. Not very mainstream, the Britzer Garten will give you the impression of being in London, with its well maintained lawns, nice lakes, ice cream stands and even a tourist train if you run out of battery. Great for families, good enough for singles.

Schiller Theater und Schillerklause, Bismarckstraße 110, Charlottenburg: If you like theatre and old Berliner Kneipen, then you can combine your interests here. Schiller Theater is one of the biggest and architecturally most interesting theatres in Berlin with a mixed and exciting program. Schillerklause, just round the corner, is the place to go right before or after a show. An extremely Berlin team (nice and tough) with an extremely Berlin menu in an extremely charming old Berlin setting.

Pecora Nera, Herrfurthplatz 6, Neukölln: A north Italian restaurant, not with the Italian cuisine made for/by tourists, but different and regional cuisine from Venice. There’s no pizza on the menu – rather polenta with sausage.