Berlin - Painter Kennet Lekko, 28, was born in the Estonian capital Tallinn. He came to Berlin seven years ago to finish his studies. He's lived here ever since. His works are exhibited internationally, currently at Kogo Gallery in Tartu, Estonia (through 15 August) and later this summer at Berlin's Direkte Auktion project space (27-29 August).

Turkish Market at Maybachufer, Neukölln: Great place for finding weird fabrics to paint on. I have been buying all my raw canvas from Mr Lindemann since moving to Berlin. During the crisis he offered to pick up canvas for me so I can continue working during the lockdown. I was very grateful for that.

Com Viet Restaurant, Münzstraße 3, Mitte: This place was recommended to me by accident the very first day I arrived in Berlin. Tiny Vietnamese restaurant with authentic food and good prices. The cushions on the seats have Christmas motifs whatever the season and previous happy customers have left good wishes and their passport photos (I don’t know what’s going on with the pictures) under the glass panels of the tables. I still go there often.

Tempelhof airport: Having grown up by the sea in Tallinn, the one thing I miss in Berlin is being able to sit down at the seaside and look at the horizon. If you go to Tempelhof airport at the right time of the evening and use a little bit of imagination, it is possible to get pretty close to this feeling. It’s not the real thing but it can offer some calmness to city life.

Weißensee: I moved to Weißensee from Neukölln one and a half years ago. The area has a completely different energy and pace to it, like a small town in a big city. With my studio windows facing a courtyard with a pond, a fireplace and a peacock enclosure (it’s not as fancy as it sounds), it is possible to forget that you are in a big city. The lake is a 10-minute walk away and it is a great joy to relax in the water for a moment after a morning run or a long day of working. Yet in 25 minutes I can be at Alexanderplatz by tram.

Bauhaus, Hornbach, Obi, Boesner, Hellweg: Any hardware store always gets me excited like a kid in a candy shop. The possibility of what can be done with all these materials always gives me inspiration to go to the studio and start working. I don’t even need to buy anything, just the atmosphere is inspiring. In Berlin, I can find a shop like this around every corner, do my material research and constantly discover something I need to try out. The density of these establishments of creativity that Berlin offers is just amazing.

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