My Berlin: Rosiris Garrido

Every week, we ask an immigrant in Berlin to share their top five favourite things to do in the city. This week: Brazilian dancer Rosiris Garrido.

Rosiris Garrido's current show <a href="">What Can I Offer You Today</a> is playing until 26 September in Charlottenburg.
Rosiris Garrido's current show What Can I Offer You Today is playing until 26 September in Charlottenburg.Doreen Reichenbach

Berlin-Rosiris Garrido, a Brazilian performer and aerial dancer, has been living and working in Berlin for 16 years. Her acrobatic career started with Cirque du Soleil, and she has since worked with numerous international dance ensembles. She is currently performing her own production What Can I Offer You Today, which has been funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste, at her Charlottenburg studio.

Sophiensaele – Sophienstr., Mitte

Since 1996, Sophiensaele has been a place for artists and audiences to meet. There is hardly a better place in Berlin to get so close to the independent theatre and dance scene. It is an amazing venue for the Freie Theater productions in Berlin. Situated in the heart of the city, in Mitte, a district crowded with restaurants, cafés and local shops, Sophiensaele is the perfect place to breathe and see unexpected art forms.

Kino International – Karl-Marx-Allee 33, Mitte

I love going to this place, located among the massive socialistic block buildings of Strausberger Platz and Karl-Marx-Allee (known in the GDR times as Stalinallee). Built in 1963, Kino International was the largest cinema in East Berlin. Also known to show independent movies, the cinema also presents world premieres during the Berlinale. The Stalinist architecture of the cinema is still impressive today, as well as the former Café Moskau, another iconic building opposite Kino International.

Museum Hamburger Bahnhof – Invalidenstr. 50–51, Mitte

I love this building and its vast entrance hall. The former Hamburg-Berlin railway terminal now houses a museum, which exhibits contemporary art, including by Sigmar Polke, Andreas Mühe, Anselm Kiefer, Rauschenberg and Katharina Grosse. Located next to Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof, the museum cannot be missed. The façade of the building is usually very well illuminated, and it is worth a stop.

Tanzfabrik Berlin – Uferstr. 23, Gesundbrunnen

Tanzfabrik is a landmark venue on the national and international dance scene. Known as both an innovative platform and a dance school, this place has always been ahead of its time. The venue is open for discussions, which helps representatives of the dance scene to exchange dialogue and experiences, thus helping to define new directions in dance. The multifaceted nature of the venue is an invitation to bring together a wide range of professionals, from teachers to choreographers, professionals, dancers and students.

Mauerweg walking and cycling path

If you ask me what My Berlin really is, I say: Berlin is a place to bike; I love cycling in the city. Whether it’s crossing the parks or the big avenues, cutting small streets, riding along the canal, in all directions, there is always a fantastic route to discover. If you dare to go a bit further, you will find incredible lakes, with vivid nature and landscapes to take your breath away. It is also very interesting to do the Wall route (Mauerweg, in full length 160 km) by bike. Nothing better than getting lost cycling to find yourself in Berlin.