Berlin - Seo Da-Hee, 41, was born and raised in Seoul. After travelling around the world for over 10 years as a travel writer, she decided five years ago to settle in Berlin.

KINDL, Neukölln: The first time I fell in love with Berlin was when it was gaining fame as an emerging “art city”. There are so many interesting art spaces: I was particularly impressed with the renovated old historical buildings, and KINDL, a former brewery, is one of them. Now there is a contemporary art exhibition there that fits the structure well.

Grunewaldsee, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf: I love the parks and forests in the west of the city. When I want to take a long walk on the weekend I go there. Happy dogs swimming, a small café in the castle and a nice beer garden. We Koreans love German beer. 

Kantstraße, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf: It's a place where you can especially enjoy Asian food and culture. From Lon Men's Noodle House, where you can find real Taiwanese noodles, to Madame Ngo for elegant Vietnamese dishes, and NgoKimPak for light Asian street food, you have a lot of options. And they're good.

Restaurant Choi, Prenzlauer Berg: This is the place you want to visit with special guests if they want to experience sophisticated Korean cuisine. Korean fine dining with seasonal ingredients, plus great wine lists. My friend Stephanie Kim, one of the owners of Happy Zero Waste, came to Berlin and opened a little online store in the middle of the pandemic. She selects and sells eco-friendly items from Berlin and Seoul, including vegan artisan soaps.

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