Berlin - The German pop singer Nena caused a stir at her open-air concert in Schönefeld on Sunday, where she railed against the corona restrictions. She called on her fans to decide for themselves whether or not to "stay in their boxes as prescribed". That, she said, was just as much their free decision as whether or not to get vaccinated. Nena went on to denounce the unequal treatment of different groups of people by the authorities.

"Yesterday was Christopher Street Day, and it was perfectly okay for 80,000 people to be close together on the street. So turn off the power or have the police drag me down from here," the pop icon said. "I'm sick of it!" The audience erupted in cheers.

By boxes she meant the Plexiglas cubes that are set up at concerts to guarantee a minimum distance between concertgoers. On a video you can see several people standing right next to Nena. The singer says over the mike that "they were threatening to stop the show because you don't go into your boxes". She went on: "I leave it in your responsibility whether you do that or not."

Nena caused an uproar last October with a puzzling post on Instagram which some suggested she sympathised with conspiracy theorists. However, the singer has repeatedly stated she is not a corona denier.

Last February, she announced in a message to her fans: "Dears, there will be no two-tier society at my concerts. You are always all welcome! Whether you get vaccinated or not is entirely your decision and must be respected by everyone."

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