Our favourite Berlin stories in 2020

Since August our small team has been busy translating the work of our German colleagues - and writing our own stuff. Here are some of our personal faves.

Berlin -What a year. Launching Berliner Zeitung English Edition in the middle of a pandemic was no picnic. Much of our work has been done remotely. Like many of you, we live on Microsoft Teams now. We've sorely missed face-to-face meetings and chats with colleagues, the awesome view from the office roof and, of course, in-person interviews. But with 60,000-70,000 readers per month, we're pretty happy with our progress so far and we have ambitious plans and big hopes for 2021! 

As we usher in the New Year, here is a selection of some of our favourite English Edition original content. Happy New Year!


30 years German reunification

International Berlin


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