Pankow: Man killed while begging at intersection

The victim apparently didn't move out of the intersection in time and was struck by a truck.

The fire brigade at a Tuesday fire.
The fire brigade at a Tuesday fire.Photo: Morris Pudwell

Berlin-A 43-year-old beggar died late Tuesday after being hit by a truck at the intersection of Wisbyer Straße and Prenzlauer Allee in Pankow. The man was first taken alive to hospital but died a few hours later, a police spokesperson said.

A 46-year-old lorry driver moved into the left lane of Wisbyer Straße at 4.20pm and stopped at a red light, according to a report released Wednesday by Berlin police. The lorry waited for the light to turn green alongside other vehicles.

"A pedestrian weaved his way between the stopped vehicles and asked the motorists if they had money for him," the police spokesperson said.

When the light turned green, the truck drove off, apparently striking the pedestrian who hadn't moved out of the intersection in time. Witnesses called the fire brigade after the truck rolled over the man. A large contingent of emergency personnel arrived and closed the intersection.

Shocked witnesses

Emergency doctors and paramedics transported the man with life-threatening injuries man to a hospital, where he immediately underwent emergency surgery. But the injuries were too severe and he died Tuesday evening.

The intersection was closed until 8.20pm for the rescue and subsequent investigation, which also affected Prenzlauer Allee and Dunckerstraße. Trams and buses were restricted near the scene of the accident.

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