Pedestrian traps in Grunewald, razor blades in Ernst Thälmann Park

A cyclist got a flat tire and a jogger a screw in her shoe. A dog owner in Prenzlauer Berg saved their dog at the last second. Police are investigating. 

The trap in Grunewald. 
The trap in Grunewald. Foto: Facebook/ Renè F.

Berlin-Passive-agressive resistance to joggers and cyclists in Grunewald and barking dogs in Prenzlauer Berg became criminal over the weekend. At least four cyclists rode over a wooden trap on a trail at the Postfenn in Grunewald spiked with screws before it was discovered by a jogger who got one of the screws in her shoe but was unharmed. And at least one dog owner pulled a piece of fried fish with an embedded razor blade from their dog's mouth after bystanders warned of boobytrapped meat near the big playground in Ernst Thälmann Park.  

Police are investigating both incidents - a spokesperson said the trap in Grunewald was discovered about noon on Saturday. The jogger "stepped onto the thing and pulled it out of the ground. Fortunately, the screw probably went between her toes, so she was not injured," a cyclist wrote on Facebook and also posted pictures. "Constantly having branches and tree trunks put across the trails is something we've gotten used to but this is something new. I filed charges [with the police]."

Although the charges will probably "result in nothing directly, at least it's on record, and if something like this happens more often, then perhaps the police will become active at some point."

In Prenzlauer Berg, dog owners speculated that a nearby resident was tired of dogs barking while they frolicked on the park's large grassy area.

"Luckily someone had just warned me that boobytrapped bait had been found the day before," wrote one Facebook user who pulled a piece from the mouth of their one-year-old dog.

Side view: pedestrian trap.
Side view: pedestrian trap.Foto: Facebook/ Renè F.