Pimped up €360,000 Ferrari destroyed after six hours

A 43-year-old man had the Ferrari F8 customised in Berlin. Police say he totalled it on the car's maiden voyage. 

Expensive trash.
Expensive trash.Polizei Fulda

Berlin/ Fulda-A Ferrari F8 customised in Berlin was wrecked on its maiden voyage on the way from Berlin to Baden-Württemberg. The 720 horsepower supercar was worth €360,000.

According to Fulda police, the 43-year-old waited two years for his customised Ferrari. Almost everything about the sports car had been changed, "from the seats to the paintwork". On the morning of 13 March, the Swabian picked up the car in Berlin and set off home with a companion.

Six hours later he lost control of the supercar on the A5 autobahn near Gemünden in Hesse. The car hit a concrete barrier. One of the rear wheels broke off, flew into oncoming traffic and hit a minibus. The Ferrari bounced off of the barrier and came to a halt on the road.

Police said the road was wet at the time of the accident due to rain and the Ferrari had been kitted with summer tyres. The driver was unharmed in the accident. His passenger was less fortunate and was taken to hospital with serious injuries.