Police raid man's flat after he threatened kids

The 57-year-old screamed racist abuse from his balcony. Police initially feared he possessed dangerous weapons.

What the SEK looked like at a different case.
What the SEK looked like at a different case.Photo: Imago images/Olaf Wagner

Berlin-A 57-year-old man threatened, insulted and threw various objects at children in Neukölln on Tuesday, sparking the police to call in their SEK special operations unit. 

The police eventually stormed the 57-year-old's apartment and temporarily took him into custody.

“He was said to have held a weapon-like object in his hand,” a police spokesman said on Tuesday.

According to police reports, the man first yelled racist comments at the children and then came outside and rushed “screaming towards the children”. Neighbors held him back and alerted the police.

“Because of the suspicion that the man might be in possession of weapons, the SEK was called in. They forced their way into his apartment and arrested him temporarily. On the advice of an emergency doctor, the 57-year-old was admitted to the psychiatric department of a hospital as an inpatient,” the police spokesperson said.

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After searching his apartment, police found a paintball gun, “several ornamental daggers and an ornamental sword, as well as three packaged, so-called 'neck knives.'” The objects were confiscated.

The 57-year-old is now under investigation for threats, insults, attempted dangerous bodily harm and suspected violations of weapons laws.