Protestors clash with cops as politicians pass corona law

The Polizei said it made about 100 arrests with a handful of demonstrators sneaking into the Bundestag.

Tumult in Tiergarten.
Tumult in Tiergarten.Markus Wächter

Berlin-An estimated 8,000 opponents of Germany's corona restrictions protested around mid-day today in Tiergarten as the lower house of parliament debated - and passed - uniform corona restrictions. Police ended the demonstration at 12.22pm after organisers appeared unable to enforce the masking and distance requirements of any political protest.

Protestors moved from Strasse der 17. Juni into Tiergarten park after the demonstration was ended, occasionally scuffling with police. More than 100 people were arrested during the protest.

Several protestors were allowed into the viewing gallery of the Bundestag, allegedly by parliamentarians from the rightwing AfD party but the protestors did little other than film the proceedings, breaking Bundestag rules.

A different demonstration is planned between 4pm and 6pm at Bellevue palace, home to Germany's president. Police said protestors had begun to gather on-time but have yet to clash with the new demonstration. City officials banned four other protests over fears they would not follow corona restrictions.

The new corona law will now go to the Bundesrat, or upper house of parliament, for ratification. It is expected to go into effect early next week, sparking the closure of non-essential stores and instituting a 10pm to 5am curfew.