Berlin - Following a fire in a refugee shelter in Friedenau on Monday, around 128 residents were evacuated and later transferred to another shelter in Tempelhof.

To protect them from the cold, they were initially cared for by the German Red Cross in two BVG buses, according to a fire brigade spokesperson. Three people had to be treated for smoke inhalation. One person was admitted to hospital.

The blaze in the former Friedenau town hall on Breslauer Platz began when furniture caught fire in a single room, according to the spokesperson. The fire was extinguished by the evening. Other rooms were not affected but smoke had spread throughout the building .

Photo: dpa/Kay Nietfeld
Firefighters evacuate the refugee shelter in Friedenau.

On Monday evening, numerous evacuated residents were seen sitting in two buses, wrapped in blankets and wearing face masks. Fire engines and ambulances filled the square. The fire brigade said some 80 firefighters took part in the operation. Residents have not been able to return to the building.

According to the police, they have been accommodated in a building on Colditzstraße in Tempelhof.

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