Robot sex at the summer Berlinale

German actress Maren Eggert will receive the Silver Bear for her role as Alma in I'm Your Man.

Maren Eggert in I'm Your Man (Ich bin dein Mensch), directed by Maria Schrader.<br><br><br>
Maren Eggert in I'm Your Man (Ich bin dein Mensch), directed by Maria Schrader.

Christine Fenzl

Berlin-"I'm sending you back to the factory," Alma tells the good-looking guy who's been staying with her for a few weeks. Tom actually is from the factory. He's a robot built for the express purpose of pleasing Alma. A few scenes later she walks barefoot across a meadow with him.

On 14 June, Maren Eggert will stroll down the red carpet for the awards ceremony at the open-air cinema built especially for this year's Summer Berlinale on Museum Island. The annual fest is screening a selection of the movies that were supposed to be shown in March, before it was cancelled because of the virus.

The festival already announced that Eggert would receive the Silver Bear for Best Acting Performance in a Leading Role for her portrayal of Alma in I'm Your Man (Ich bin dein Mensch) back in March. For the first time, the Berlinale is presenting a single gender-neutral award for a lead actor. 

Eggert plays a scientist who has agreed to live with Tom in order to write a report for the ethics committee that must decide whether humanoid robots will be approved in Germany.

Her acting style is rather quiet and hesitant. But she manages to draw you in, to make you identify with her, and pushes you to ask yourself some big questions: What is love? What exactly triggers this feeling?

Maren Eggert, born in Hamburg in 1974 and based in Berlin, comes from the theatre. She has belonged the Deutsches Theater ensemble since 2009. She also played the police psychologist Frieda Jung in TV cop show Tatort through 2015.

She acted in Angela Schanelec's 2015 Berlinale Competition film I Was at Home, But (Ich war zuhause, aber).

Unfortunately, the limited number of Berlinale tickets for I'm Your Man are sold out.

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